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Vehicle: from participant.
If needed rent-a-cars are available as an extra option.

Time and date: flexible, upon an agreement. Better not in the darkness, depends on your needs.

Duration: 1h briefing, Q&A, 2h driving accompanied by instructor.

Place we start: ideally where your car is parked and there is a place to have about one hour talk.

Where we go: places in Moscow and nearby you expect to visit. Typically it could be Mega or shopping centers, airports, fitness, parks, Kremlin etc.

 Price: 6 000 Rubles, extra-hour 1 500 Rubles.


How to start

Just indicate your interest and make a preliminary booking  by e-mail welcome@drivexpats.ru or by phone +79269263566.

Become more familiar with local traffic -
for safe and convenient drive!


Your way to comfortable drive
in Moscow

Book your driving training!Book your driving training!

You have come to the right place to become more familiar with Moscow traffic and roads - for your safe and convenient drive.

You know what can be so different while driving in Moscow:

  • Behavior and actions of other drivers,
  • Local traffic rules (f.e. roundabouts, dealing with tram and tram-rails, public transport lanes, parking, reverse traffic lanes, some unusual road signs etc.),
  • Fines and police,
  • Traffic and navigation,
  • Security issues,
  • ...

You can get some info about it on your own. Read some tips and personal stories (good collection is here for free, have a look). Ask you colleague or neighbor.  Or...

...use the most efficient way: take a personal training by certified instructor.  So you will get:

  1.  One hour briefing with all questions and answers you need
  2. Two hours behind the wheel training: downtown and city driving, one-by-one with instructor
  3. Routes related to your points of interest
  4. Individualized recommendations and explanations
  5. Sovereign, confident and comfortable driving feeling 
  6. Positive communication and support from a real Muscovite. 

Book your course by e-mail welcome@drivexpats.ru or by phone +79269263566. 

The best time to do it is now!

What the customers* say

Peter: "good mix of theory and practice, well done!"

Dora: "well, it was really helpful. Got lot of hints"

Paul: "now I feel myself more familiar with this moving city!" 


Special solutions for young and novice drivers